digital/i Global Advisors is a German-based cloud and strategy advisory firm with a direct focus on Europe and emerging markets. We are pleased to bring cross-border knowledge and relationships at the service of your global ambitions.

digitali assembled a team of senior professionals with broad international experience in cross-border projects, as well as global advisory services. We provide unbiased information, access to global technology markets, and a network of key contacts among IT industry and corporate leaders in support of Cloud Technology and Cloud Business Advisory, Strategic Advisory, Business Development and Fairness Opinion. digitali also offer dedicated compliant cloud services through our wholly-owned subsidiary digital/i technology services.

Company Information

digital/i is a group of companies providing global services and products designed to manage and protect the digital identity and independency of users in a digital world. digital/i includes a team of seasoned professionals with multilingual and multicultural backgrounds and many decades of experience in turnkey IT projects, capital raising and strategic advice.  We are dedicated to helping globally ambitious clients succeed, and we make that happen through our extensive knowledge of global markets and business savvy, as well as through a unique network of relationships with decision makers around the world.

Where required, certain cloud services are provided to our clients by digital/i technology services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of digitali.

At digitali, we make sure our clients receive up-to-date, unbiased information to help them meet their business objectives.  We pride ourselves on loyalty to our clients, avoiding projects that introduce clear conflicts of interest to our clients’ goals.  And we accept only a limited number of assignments so we can dedicate senior professionals to every project.  Because our experienced executives specialize in cross-border opportunities, digitali team members operate in a climate of mutual trust that enables us to find solutions and close deals for the benefit of our clients.