digital/i is able to provide all kinds of project related services including collection of requirements, design of service offerings, project planning and management, technical conception, compliance consulting, implementation as well as customisation and branding.

Our team is composed of experienced system architects, technical implementation specialists, developers for customizations and add-ons as well as project managers who speak your language.

We provide after sales support and assist our customers in managing support issues and feature requests with ownCloud.

If you consider ownCloud as the solution for your secure and compliant file sharing needs, we suggest the following steps supporting your decision process:

  1. Evaluation Lab provided by digitali mirroring your environment (ownCloud installation, optionally connected to multiple Active Directory and mounting of existing storage)
  2. Proof-of-Concept within customer’s network or within digitali’s evaluation environment
  3. Implementation of production environment


In order to familiarise you with the product within a bespoke usage scenario, we provide, as a first step, a dedicated ownCloud™ instance running on our infrastructure and optionally connected to external directories and storage. Prospective customers are provided with user accounts and support that allows them to get a first impression of the product’s functionality with web browsers, desktop clients and mobile apps.

Start evaluating ownCloud Enterprise within four hours.

You will see the value of the product and move on to the next step: define a Proof-of-Concept project to evaluate ownCloud™ within your network environment.


We are able to support your decision process on a best practise basis by providing a PoC subscription and the consulting services required to verify your concept of how to make the best use of ownCloud™ in your environment.

The Proof of Concept will help you develop a feasible solution architecture, identify and communicate the business value and save time and energy during production.

A small investment in an early stage of your project lifecycle will save you time, money and energy during production.

The Proof of Concept typically addresses the following topics:


  • Identity management
  • Single sign-on
  • Security concept
  • Integration of external storage
  • High availability and scalability concept
  • Rights and permissions concept
  • Requirements management for additional functionality
  • Branding and white-labeling


  • Matching of corporate IT standards
  • Prototyping an operations concept


  • Support in identifying the business value
  • User acceptance test
  • Compliance and risk mitigation

The Proof of Concept produces the blueprint for the implementation.


Customisation and Additional Functionality

Definition and implementation of required custom features as well as changes required for an optimised integration of ownCloud into your usage scenarios.

Execution Concept and Detail Planning

Detailed planning of migration, transition and implementation aspects. We assist your IT department or local integration partner with know-how and support for a successful implementation of ownCloud within your environment.

Branding and White-Labeling

Our developers and web designers provide all kinds of branding and integration tasks regarding your corporate design on all required platforms.

Installation, Migration and Roll-Out

We are experienced in enterprise computing scenarios and are able to assist with any integration, security or high-availability issues that which may arise during the project implementation.